SALAR presents a tool for publishing Linked municipal key figures

SALAR now presents a solution for publishing Linked municipal key figures in collaboration with the Council for Local Government Analysis (RKA) and the cities of Helsingborg, Örebro, Linköping, Västerås and Stockholm.

The tool retrieves and create links to local data and indicators that are already published in The information comes originally from the municipalities but is processed in a number of agencies and organizations, then RKA retrieves the information and analyze it as well and produce and publish ratios. The tool is free to use.

It is possible for each municipality and region to link to most of the local metrics in Koladas database. In total there are 12 categories with nearly 1500 ratios available.

An example of a category is Open comparisons, each category has a number of key areas, a key group in the category Open comparison is "Open comparisons - Public Health".

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